Christmas party do’s and don’ts

Avoiding Christmas party calamities

Simple advice for employees that will keep your reputation and job safe after the potential disaster zone known as the office Christmas party.

We’ve all heard the cliché, drunken declarations of love, slagging off the boss when they’re right behind you and the inevitable office snog that is talked about for years to come. The office Christmas party is a great opportunity for employees to let their hair down after a hectic year of work.

However, it is vital to remember that even though you’re partying, it’s still an office event so here are some valuable tips to keep your reputation and your job safe over the yuletide season.

  • Know your limit: –

This is rule number one, people can be slightly uncomfortable mixing their leisure time with colleagues and the obvious solution seems to be to drink so much you lose these inhibitions. All this results in is a splitting hangover and a huge risk of doing something you’ll regret in front of your colleagues. Steer clear of this by drinking less, drinking more slowly or alternating between alcoholic and soft drinks.

  • Avoid gossip and shop talk: –

It’s always tempting to moan about management, slag off staff and whine about work, especially when the alcohol is flowing but this a huge no-no. Not only does shop talk make you sound like you have no life, you also run the risk of saying the wrong thing to the wrong person and if you’ve had a few then you’re probably saying it loudly enough to be heard by the person in question. Avoid like the plague.

  • Flirt at your own risk: –

That guy or girl in accounting just smiled at you, you’ve not really noticed them around the office but they’re looking good to you right now, perhaps you should make your move?  Harmless flirting can certainly break the ice at Christmas parties but it’s advisable to keep it harmless. With several glasses of house red in you, you may not be as charming as you think and they may not be as attractive as you think.

  • Know when your night is over: –

Trust your instincts on this one. If you feel too drunk, sick or likely to embarrass yourself then make your excuses and leave. There is no shame in leaving early if you need to, most employers will respect that. Better to jump in that cab than to disgrace yourself, suggest going to a strip club and then fall asleep in the toilets.

An office Christmas party doesn’t need to end in disaster, these are just the worst-case scenarios; the clichéd snogs, embarrassments and gossiping can be avoided if you’re sensible about it. Remember, your co-workers will generally forgive any drunken misdemeanours but they won’t be forgotten. You see these people nearly every day so be conscious of your actions, keep your head held up high and if you can remember even one of these tips on the night you can probably wake up the next morning with a smile on your face, instead of with that minger from accounts.


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