Seattle Bars and Clubs

Seattle Dance Clubs and Bars

Seattle has an almost unnaturally large amount of dance clubs. This may be because after being cooped up in the cold for months on end leads locals to want to grind against strangers in sweaty euphoria. Or maybe not. But does it really matter? Seattle has great places to dance, so let’s leave it at that. Fenix Underground is a tri-level dance club in Pioneer Square that has been attracting locals and visitors for years. For a gay friendly dance club, Neighbours is there for those who simply want to have a great night out. Yet another Pioneer Square dance club (starting to see a pattern?) is the Last Supper Club. This Seattle dance club features some of the best house and hip-hop that the city has to offer. Of course, Pioneer Square isn’t the only place to go clubbing in Seattle, it just may be the most convenient—one cover charge grants admission to many of these dance clubs. Also, Belltown, Fremont and the University District have plenty of booty shaking dance clubs practically next door to each other.

Ballroom in Fremont

456 N. 36th St., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.634.2575

The Ballroom in Fremont is a warehouse style Seattle billiards bar and dance club that caters to a decidedly chill mix of ex-frat boys, hotties, hipsters and sharks that crowd the nine pool tables, the bar and the dance floor on the weekends doing their thing, whatever it is. The weekends see slick DJs dropping beats for the ravenous dance clubbers gyrating on the packed floor while during the week a house CD player does the job with ease. The drinks at the Ballroom in Fremont are reasonable, potent and come at you fast, but to help you out with all that, this Seattle bar and nightclub offers a homey mix of comfort food.

Baltic Room

1207 Pine Street, Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.625.4444

The Baltic Room, a posh Seattle nightclub, caters to a hip and eclectic mix of dance clubbers and drinkers getting their groove on under the lights on the ever-packed dance floor. The real draw, and subsequently why the Baltic Room is wall to wall nearly every night, are the sick DJs manning the decks dropping some serious beats spanning all tunage funky, hip and blazing from all over the world which also creates another great draw at Seattle’s Baltic Room: the multi-ethnic parade of hotties, pickup artists, metros, ravers, freaks, straights and gays. The party gets slammin’ at the Baltic Room and you’ve got to check their theme nights that always draw a fun, energetic cavalcade of frenetic dancers showing their dance club chops.

Beso Del Sol

4468 Stone Way N, Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.547.8087

Offering fresh twists on traditional Mexican fare, Beso Del Sol restaurant in Seattle is packed to the point of bursting during dinner and after that rush slows, the Seattle dancing crowd into Latin and salsa starts streaming in. The dancing happens every weekend—Thursday through Saturday—and like we said, the dance floor starts filling up at Beso Del Sol around 10:30, so if you’re going for a little food and the nightlife, plan accordingly.


704 1st Avenue, Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.264.9570

Bonzai, a sleek hipster dance club and lounge in Seattle, gets the weekend dance clubbers kicked into high gear with throbbing DJ beats spun by some of Seattle’s premier mixers. If dancing on the packed floor gets to be a little much, the lounge area at Bonzai offers a super chill alternative for drinks and conversation. Not only is this Seattle nightclub a hotspot for the dressed to impress club set, but Bonzai is also open for lunch and dinner featuring an excellent selection of sushi and Asian fusion cuisine.

Century Ballroom and Café

915 E Pine St., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.324.7263

Expansive and polished, the Century Ballroom and Café is the premier venue in Seattle for salsa and swing dancing. Live bands that really lend to the retro authenticity of the Century Ballroom usually provide the music for all of the celebratory cavorting, but even when the tunes are provided by DJs, the hot dancing never slows down. Even if you’re a decidedly un-fleet of foot rookie, the Century has your back providing lessons for novices and experts alike before the shows really start to sizzle. To make a unique night out in Seattle have dinner in the restaurant or at one of the intimate tables upstairs and then dance your hearts out in this dance club that’s a testament to a bygone era.

Chop Suey

1325 E Madison St., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.324.8000

Chop Suey is a stylish Seattle club that caters to a hip crowd with its heavy pours from the bar and its eclectic musical stylings from local Seattle live music acts, some national touring bands and some beat DJs. Chop Suey’s interior looks as if someone rolled through a Chinatown garage sale, but had a better eye for style and retro kitsch than when your mom used to birddog one five blocks away and say “we’ll just stop for a minute.” When popular local bands play or one of Seattle’s top spinners mans the decks at Chop Suey, get there early because even though the layout at this Seattle live music club is crowd friendly, it can get a little cramped at sold out shows. Packed or not though, Chop Suey always keeps you fueled with plenty of booze.


807 1st Avenue, Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.447.7704

Hipsters, scenesters and aural junkies flock to this smallish Seattle dance club and lounge for raucous partying until the wee hours of the morning. Contour stays open until the sun rises on the weekends and this isn’t some lame after party spot, they keep the slick DJs dropping beats the entire time and this Seattle club is seriously packed the entire time. During the week, Contour closes at the usual time, but that certainly doesn’t mean that this joint is any less crowded and, you really wouldn’t think it, but the food here is way above average.

Last Supper Club

124 S. Washington St., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.748.9975

A premier dance club in Seattle’s Pioneer Square, the Last Supper Club caters to a dressed to impress clubber crowd that starts packing in after 10 for some mainstream house and hip-hop booty shaking. Surprisingly though, this Seattle nightclub also does an outstanding dinner menu for those that seek inclusiveness in their night out. If you want to take advantage of the Last Supper Club’s posh lounge area, you’d better assemble your crew or your date early because after 11pm nearly every seat in the house is taken and the slick guest and resident DJs crank up the beats for the burgeoning dance floor masses. Also, the Last Supper Club does something that some other upscale nightclubs in Seattle don’t: pour you stiff drinks for your hard earned cash.


1009 E. Union St., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.328.9481

A Seattle Goth club for black clad nightcrawlers, Mercury usually requires membership to enter or accompaniment by a member, but once inside the driving techno heavy DJ mix and safe, chill crowd will make anyone feel like they belong. Mercury is like the last outpost of a dying breed and you don’t have to be all gothed to appreciate its uniqueness; it’s a true underground dance club where you don’t have to drop serious dime to get in, it’s not an uber-trendy meat market attempting at presenting low key fringe partying and the drinks are stiffer than a corpse.


1509 Broadway, Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.324.5358

Neighbours, whether you’re gay or straight, is a Seattle dance club mainstay that always gets packed with revelers on the weekends for the choice DJs spinning high-energy dance tracks. There’s rarely an attitude at Neighbours, everyone from the staff to the patrons are just out to have a good time to which goal this Seattle dance club consistently contributes—seriously, it’s been around forever, serves dangerous cocktails and while many other Seattle gay bars and dance clubs have come and gone, Neighbours is still surviving and is still the place to be with the attitude of sexual orientation be damned.

Noc Noc

1516 2nd Ave., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.223.1333

Heck, Noc Noc is all you could ever want in a Seattle bar, dance club and lounge all under one booze soaked and beat heavy roof. Popping in after work, regulars take full advantage of Noc Noc’s infamous happy hour when the bar is like a homey local retreat, but when the sun slips over the horizon, this bar turns into one of Seattle’s busiest dance clubs featuring a slew of genre destroying DJs keeping the party going. If dancing isn’t quite your gig, Noc Noc also sports a pool table and some comfortably worn couches to plop down on and take in the scene.


1114 Howell St., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.233.9873

If you want a true taste of Seattle forget the cheesy tours and ferry boat rides and just pop into Re-bar on any given night to see exactly what Seattle—drinking notwithstanding—is all about. This one of a kind Seattle club is filled to the brim with hipsters, freaks, geeks, artists, gays, intellectuals, punks, rockers, ravers, clubbers…well just plain good people that show the unique diversity and welcoming attitude of the Emerald City. Re-bar is the undisputed anchor of the Seattle alternative arts scene presenting loads of local artist’s works, housing theatre and comedy performances with just rocking dance nights…oh yeah, they also serve some mean, get the frickin’ lead out cocktails.

Tiki Bob’s Cantina

166 S King St., Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.382.8454

A young crowd gets their heavy drink and hard party on at Tiki Bob’s Cantina that now does that cool Seattle club thing of the Pioneer Square joint cover. The energetic crowd full of hep cats and hotties dance raucously to the mixed DJ stylings and the bartenders seem to pour the drinks stiffer as the night goes on. Also, as an added eye candy bonus, this Seattle bar and dance club often has impromptu dancing on the bar by the aforementioned hotties being egged on by the DJs to shake it.

Trinity Night Club

111 Yesler Way, Seattle, Washington; Tel. 206.447.4140

This three roomed, multi-level dance club and lounge is stylishly decked out just like the twenty-something Seattle clubbers that pack into Trinity Nightclub for heavy drinks and beats. Some of Seattle’s top spinners man the decks in each of Trinity’s three rooms popping off three distinct vibes, with national and international talent rolling through and dropping beats when they’re in town. Cocktails can get a little pricey here, but the dressed to impress ogling set doesn’t seem to mind while they get their kicks from more than just energy drinks.


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