The Macklemore apology drops: ‘A “Jewish stereotype” never crossed my mind’

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

The Macklemore apology drops: ‘A “Jewish stereotype” never crossed my mind’

Macklemore in the costume that caused so much controversy, at a surprise performance at EMP Museum Friday, May 16, 2014. (Lindsey Wasson / The Seattle Times)

So, after an absolute social media firestorm about his costume at last Friday’s surprise performance at EMP, Macklemore has issued a public statement on his website. It’s fairly long, and in it the rapper tries to explain both how he ended up in the get-up many (in Twitter speak that means thousands) are saying was an anti-Semetic outift.

“On Friday night we had a surprise show at the EMP Museum in Seattle,” the statement reads in part. “Earlier in the day I thought it would be fun to dress up in a disguise and go incognito to the event, so that I could walk around unnoticed and surprise the crowd with a short performance. I picked up a bunch of fake mustaches and beards and grabbed a left over wig from our recent trip to Japan.

“As it turns out the fake noses they sell at the costume store are usually big (my nose didn’t fit most of them). So I ended up with a big witch nose. I went with a black beard, because that’s the furthest color from my natural hair. Disguise was the intention. I personally thought I looked very ambiguous in terms of any “type” of person. Some people there thought I looked like Ringo, some Abe Lincoln … I wasn’t attempting to mimic any culture, nor resemble one. A “Jewish stereotype” never crossed my mind.”
As for the fall out, he struck a somewhat defensive but ultimately conciliatory tone:

“My intention was to dress up and surprise the people at the show with a random costume and nothing more,” he went on. “Thus, it was surprising and disappointing that the images of a disguise were sensationalized leading to the immediate assertion that my costume was anti-Semetic. I acknowledge how the costume could, within a context of stereotyping, be ascribed to a Jewish caricature. I am here to say that it was absolutely not my intention, and unfortunately at the time I did not foresee the costume to be viewed in such regard. I’m saddened that this story, or any of my choices, would lead to any form of negativity.

“I will let my body of work and the causes for which I’ve supported speak for themselves. I hope that anyone who may question my intent take a few moments to discover the human and artist that I strive to be.”

And ultimately he went with the now very familiar crisis-management axiom, “I truly apologize to anybody that I may have offended.”

Judging from some of the venom on Twitter, including people referring to the outfit as “Nazi-inspired,” this is unlikely to pacify the crowd that took the stunt as an intentional display of racism.


Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

14 teens charged with $1M break-in at mansion

​Detective Larry Villareal of the Industry Station Sherriff’s Dept. in the City of Industry, Calif., carries a mounted snow leopard, valued by the owner at $250,000, back to the evidence locker.

POMONA, Calif. (AP) — Authorities have filed criminal charges against 14 teenagers who allegedly broke into a Southern California mansion and held a party that caused more than $1 million in damage and losses, including the theft of a stuffed snow leopard.

Los Angeles County prosecutors announced the charges Tuesday.

Authorities say the party promoted on social media in November brought more than 100 teens to the La Habra Heights mansion while the owner was away.

According to investigators, partygoers entered through a window, trashed the place and stole several pricey items including designer suits, medieval armor, jewelry and the mounted leopard. Much of the loot was later recovered.

The teens, who are 15 to 18 years old, face misdemeanor and felony charges ranging from trespassing to burglary and theft.

Mansion break-in: Recovered stolen items, including designer suits, medieval armor, jewelry and a mounted snow leopard on display at news conference at Industry Sheriff’s Station in City of Industry, Calif.AP Photo: Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

Recovered stolen items, including designer suits, medieval armor, jewelry and a mounted snow leopard on display at news conference at Industry Sheriff’s Station in City of Industry, Calif.


49ers’ toughest task: Facing Seattle Seahawks’ noisy crowd

Monday, January 20th, 2014

SEATTLE PARTY BUS RENTALS– Having already handled the arctic chill of Green Bay and a cross-country flight to Carolina, the 49ers must now overcome the most inhospitable sports environment on earth in order to advance to the Super Bowl.

In Sunday’s NFC Championship game, they are up against not only the Seattle Seahawks’ rock stars like Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch but also their 68,000 screaming backup singers.

CenturyLink Field is the loudest sports venue in the world, a claim verified twice this season by the Guinness Book of World Records.

This is the place where communication goes to die, a challenge the 49ers understand all too well. They’ve been beaten like an eardrum their past two meetings in Seattle, losing by a combined score of 71-16 while committing seven turnovers.

Seattle Seahawks fan Rob Larsen yells before the NFL football NFC Championship game against the San Francisco 49ers Sunday, Jan. 19, 2014, in Seattle. (AP

Seattle Seahawks fan Rob Larsen yells before the NFL football NFC Championship game against the San Francisco 49ers Sunday, Jan. 19, 2014, in Seattle. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren) ( Ted S. Warren )

The loudest-crowd distinction is more than a novelty. The stadium has coaxed more false-start penalties out of opponents than any team in the NFL since 2005. Offensive linemen simply can’t hear the quarterback barking signals and they jump at the wrong time.

What’s with all the racket?

“Whether it’s the stadium, whether it’s the crazy people in the Northwest, whether it’s gray skies that makes them want to come out and scream. I don’t know what it is,” Seattle coach Pete Carroll said.

Having been burned before, the 49ers vow to be better prepared this time. To communicate on offense, they spent the past week at practice refining hand gestures and other forms of nonverbal communication.

As usual, they also blared rock music during drills to simulate the wall of sound they’ll have to get past on Sunday.

“We are very familiar with going to a silent count, which is what we call it, on the road,” left tackle Joe Staley said. “That is something that we have not just practiced for one week, but we have practiced for the last three years.”

Kerry Carter, a former Stanford fullback who went on to play two NFL seasons in Seattle, hears confidence like Staley’s and smiles.

CenturyLink Field

CenturyLink Field ((AP/John Froschauer))

“What did Mike Tyson say? ‘Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth?’,” Carter said. “Teams say, ‘We’re going to come in, we’re going to do this.’ And then you get here and you can’t.”

How loud is it? Seahawks fullback Derrick Coleman, who is legally deaf, said he gets goose bumps when he runs on the field for pre-game introduction.

“I feel it,” Coleman said. “I don’t exactly hear it. I don’t get pain in my ears like everybody else. … I can feel the vibrations. I know everybody is yelling. You have a lot of problems if you can’t feel that.”

It’s not his imagination. The ruckus at CenturyLink field has twice registered on the seismographs at the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network, including last week when Marshawn Lynch rumbled for a 31-yard touchdown. The crowd-generated tremor, known around here as a “Beast Quake” in honor of Lynch’s nickname, registered around a 2 on the Richter scale.

As much as this city embraces Lynch (who wears uniform No. 24) and quarterback Russell Wilson (who wears uniform No. 3), the most popular jersey around town is No. 12.

It symbolizes Seattle’s crowd — i.e. the “12th Man” — and the role it plays on game days. The Seahawks have a .688 winning percentage (66-30) since moving to this stadium in 2002.

“There is so much energy around our football team,” Wilson said. “There are so many people who love the Seahawks. That is the great thing about it. … There are not too many organizations that you feel that and you sense that.”

No. 12 is so sacred here that they raise a flag bearing that number before kickoff each week. Fans go into a frenzy as soon as the surprise local celebrity emerges in the south end zone to hoist the flag.

Detlef Schrempf, the former basketball star for the Seattle SuperSonics and University of Washington, raised the “12th Man” flag on Nov. 4, 2012.

“I’ve been in arenas all over the world and there’s no question to me that Seattle has the loudest,” Schrempf, 50, recalled by phone on Friday. “And it’s not just for a minute or two. It’s consistent, all the way through the fourth quarter.”

Ricky Watters, a former 49ers running back who finished his career in Seattle, raised the flag in 2008. Reached this week, he recalled the way the noise would disrupt opponents during his days with the Seahawks.

“If you’re a visiting lineman, at some point you’re going to jump,” Watters said, laughing. “You hear that noise and the louder it gets, the more revved up you get. Your body just has to move. You can’t help it.”

Considering the otherwise mellow — if caffeinated — vibe of the Pacific Northwest, it might seem odd that this is the yappiest place on earth.

Schrempf and Carter were among those who theorize that the cheers are fueled in part by “desperation” for success: The Seahawks have never won a Super Bowl. The Mariners have never so much as reached the World Series. The dearly departed SuperSonics won their only NBA title in 1979.

“There’s a very renewed sense of hope,” Carter said. “I’ve never been around the type of energy I’ve felt in this city. A (championship) is something that’s long overdue here and I think people sense that they’re closer to it.”

Architecture is also an important part of the equation. CenturyLink was designed to maximize crowd noise, as directed by owner Paul Allen. A story on Sports Illustrated’s website Friday explained how the Seahawks’ stadium covers 70 percent of all seats, in part to protect fans from rainy weather and in part to deflect fan-generated noise back toward the field.

The stadium’s big-roof parabolas also keep the sound from fading into the open air.

All that screaming has produced a few whispers: Some opposing players suspect that the place pipes in artificial noise — performance-enhancing decibels — to boost the home-field advantage.

“Those whispers come from other teams and other fan groups,” said Joe Tafoya, a former Seattle defensive end who now co-owns Volume 12, a company that caters to Seahawks fans. “And my response is that the NFL actually has rules against that and they come in and measure that. Those are just rumors.”

Tafoya, as much as anyone not in uniform, helped crank up the dial this season. He’s the one who offhandedly submitted an application to the Guinness Book of World Records over the summer, asking for a shot at the title of “Largest Crowd Roar at a Sports Stadium,” a mark previously held by a soccer crowd in Turkey.

The Seahawks set a new mark on Sept. 15 against the 49ers and did it again by reaching 137.6 decibels during a Monday night game against the New Orleans Saints on Dec. 2.

As Sunday’s game approaches, the town is already starting to rumble. At the innumerable Starbucks around town, baristas arrived in jerseys bearing the names “Wilson,” “Lynch” and “Sherman.” Bars post signs with slogans like, “The 12th Man Drinks Here.”

In the window of the Metropolitan Grill, a popular steakhouse, a red emergency sign features a “49ers Evacuation Route” with an arrow pointing toward the back.

The vibe reminds some of 2005, when the Seahawks beat the Carolina Panthers to advance to the Super Bowl. Since then, though, the city of Seattle and its “12th Man” seem to have raised their games right along with their football team. Now, the 49ers arrive just as the whole town is turned on its ear.

“It’s something unique and special that we have and you can’t ignore it,” said Carroll, the Seahawks coach. “You can’t say that it doesn’t factor in. It does.”


Club Contour

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

Heading for a night on the town and need an awesome destination? Try Club Contour at 807 1st Ave  Seattle, WA 98104
They are one of the only clubs in Seattle that are open all night and they start serving drinks again at 6am. They also have some really good D.J’s every night of the week. We HIGHLY recommend Club Contour for bachelor/bachelorette parties or 21st birthdays. Check out there Europa Night for sure. A sample of there food and drink menu is below, just stopping in for happy hour would be a good time.They can be reached at 206-447-7704


our kitchen hours are
sunday 2pm – 8pm
monday – thursday 3pm – 8pm
friday 3pm – 9pm
saturday 2pm – 10pm________________
libations menu:

food menu:

pabst blue rubbon : $3
pilsner urquell : $4
fat tire amber ale : $4.5
manny’s pale ale : $5
fremont interurban ipa : $5
rotating tap : ?bottle/can:
schmidt : $2.5
olympia : $3
session lager : $4
coors light : $4
budweiser / bud light : $4
corona pale lager : $5
amstel light : $5
heineken lager : $5
crispin hard apple cider : $5
dick danger ale : $5
whistling pig hefeweizen : $5
kilt kifter scotch ale : $6
immersion amber ale : $6
scuttlebutt porter : $6
newcastle brown ale : $6
guinness draught : $6
left hand brewing company milk stout : $6
baltica #7 lager : $6
karlovačko golden ale : $6
ninkasi believer double red ale : $8
hub deluxe organic ale : $9

house red : $4
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house white : $4
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domain st michelle brut : $40
moét & chandon white star : $75
2002 dom perignon : $220
1996 lois roederer cristal brut : $350

juice, tea, soda, bottled water, lavazza espresso
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red bull : $4

chicken quesadilla &
homemade salsa : $6rosemary chicken strips : $4

mediterranean chicken
skewers : $3

whiskey bbq wings : $4

signature hot wings : $4

albuquerque turkey
sandwich & fries : $6

provolone cheese burger
& fries : $4

lamb kebabs on organic
quinoa salad : $5

lamb gyro & fries : $6

grilled fish tacos : $5

spicy shrimp tacos : $6

crisped calamari : $6

mahi-mahi fish sandwich
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crisped crab cakes : $5

gruyere macaroni
& cheese : $5

falafel sliders & fries : $6

spanakopita : $3

honey tomato basil soup : $3

hummis &
arrabbiata dips : $3

battered & fried
french brie : $4

french fries : $3

house salad & backberry
vinaigrette : $4

veggie quesadilla &
homemade salsa : $5

+ chicken, shrimp, or green
chile to mac & cheese : $2

+ fresh & spicy hatch green
chile to any sandwich : $2


Throw a Classy Bachelor Party

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

Throw a Classy Bachelor Party


Seattle Party Bus Rentals



If you are selected to be your friend’s best man in his wedding, you have several important responsibilities to fulfill. The first is to plan a bachelor’s party for your buddy. When most people hear “bachelor party,” they think keg stands and g-strings.

In today’s article, we discuss the honorable origins of the bachelor party and how you can throw one with real class for your bud.



The History of the Bachelor Party

Men may be surprised to learn that the tradition of having a bachelor party is rooted in ancient times. The Spartans, who originated the idea in the 5th century BC, would hold a dinner for the groom-to-be on the night before his wedding. The evening would be spent feasting and toasting the groom and each other.

The tradition of having a “bachelor’s dinner” continued into modern times. In the 1940′s and 50′s the occasion was called a “gentlemen’s dinner.” It was thrown by the groom’s father and involved the same toasting and eating that the Spartans had enjoyed. These bachelor dinners were designed for male bonding and to celebrate the groom-to-be’s important rite of passagefrom single life to marriage.

Some time during the last few decades, the “dinner” was dropped and replaced by “party.” This was more than just a change in semantics; the ethos and impetus for the tradition began to be transformed. It no longer became an occasion to celebrate the groom, but rather an opportunity for the groom to have one more night of freedom before settling down. Consequently, the bachelor party became an occasion to do all those things which would be considered verboten after the vows had been spoken. Dinner and toasting was replaced by, or supplemented with, strippers, gambling, and copious amounts of alcohol.

Fortunately, these kinds of parties have been going out of style of late. Such parties neither honor the bride-to-be, who will be stressed by the temptations her fiancée may succumb to, nor respect your friend, who has likely reach a point of maturity in which he feels ready to get married and settle down. For the groom-to-be, marriage does not likely signal the end to his days of strip clubs and bar hopping, he having left behind those things some time ago. But marriage will leave him less time to hang with his boys. So instead of viewing a bachelor party as your friend’s last chance for debauchery, a party should really serve as a golden opportunity for male bonding, a chance to do activities that may become less frequent post-marriage, and a time to blow off pre-nuptial jitters.

Pick an Activity


The first step in planning a bachelor party is to choose an activity to center the party around. Just because your fiesta won’t involve stuffing dollar bills into g-strings, doesn’t mean that it has to be a boring affair. There are plenty of other activities that will unleash your testosterone and get your heart pumping. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Rent jet skis for a day on the water
  • Go snow skiing or snowboarding
  • Attend a professional or collegiate sporting event
  • Attend a boxing or MMA match
  • Spend the day golfing
  • Take a deep sea fishing trip, charter a fishing boat, or take a lesson in fly fishing
  • Plan a game of a football, basketball, soccer, or bowling
  • Create a casino night, complete with a paid dealer
  • Go paintballing

Take a camping or backpacking trip


  • Don’t do anything insanely dangerous. You want to have fun, but you don’t want to risk breaking one of the groom’s limbs. He’ll find it difficult to go scuba diving on his honeymoon with a cast on his leg.
  • It’s nice to surprise your friend with what he’ll be doing at his party, but be sure to cater to his personality and interests.
  • Consider the relative budgets of your friends. You don’t want some of the groom’s friends to skip the party because they can’t afford to come.
  • After you choose an activity for the bachelor’s party, plan for a meal to follow it. If it’s warm, a backyard cookout makes an excellent choice. If it’s cooler, or you simply desire something more formal, rent a room at your friend’s favorite restaurant.
  • At the dinner, encourage your friends to make funny roasts and poignant toasts. They may also wish to impart words of wisdom to the groom. If you have some advice, or want to say things that won’t be included in your upcoming best man’s speech, feel free to contribute to the toasting.

Choose a Date

There are several considerations to take into account when planning the date of the party. While it is tempting to have the party the night before the wedding when all the guests are in town, this is not an appropriate choice. The groom needs to be sharp for the next day’s ceremony, not all tuckered out. Also, a rehearsal dinner is often planned for the same night and would conflict with your party. So choose a date several weeks before the wedding. If many of the groom’s friends live out-of-state, you may want to push it back even further, so they need not twice make the same trip in a short period of time.

Send Out the Invitations

Invite all the men in the wedding party and all of the groom’s good friends and male relatives with whom he is close.

Send out the invitations about three weeks before the party. The invitations should match the party’s level of formality. If the party is to be formal, send quality, written invitations through the mail. If the party is going to be a more casual affair, a phone call or email will do. If the party will involve an activity such as the ones mentioned above, include information such as the cost, meeting place and time, maps, etc.

Each invitee should be responsible for paying for the cost of himself and chipping into the cost for the groom. In the invitation, include a respectful request for a check to be sent to you for the appropriate amount.

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‘Sesame Street’ creates first Muppet to have a parent in jail

Monday, June 17th, 2013


TODAY Seattle Party Bus Rentals
Alex is part of a Sesame Workshop online took kit aimed to help children with a parent behind bars understand and cope with the situation.

Those friendly, fuzzy Muppets from “Sesame Street” have helped kids open up about all sorts of serious subjects, from hunger and divorce to military deployment.

But they’re now tackling a much more unexpected issue: incarceration.

Meet Alex, the first Muppet to have a dad in jail. According to a Pew Charitable Trusts report, one in 28 children in the United States now has a parent behind bars — more than the number of kids with a parent who is deployed — so it’s a real issue, but it’s talked about far less because of the stigma.

That’s why the Sesame Workshop says it created the “Little Children, Big Challenges: Incarceration” initiative, an online tool kit intended to help kids with a parent in prison find support and comfort, and provide families with strategies and tips to talk to their children about incarceration.


Video: For more than 40 years, “Sesame Street” has been helping kids tackle tough topics like death and divorce. With one in 28 kids having a parent behind bars, the show will now be tackling the topic of understanding jail time. NBC’s Erika Hill reports.

Alex is blue-haired and green-nosed and he wears a hoodie – you might think he’s just another carefree inhabitant of Sesame Street. But there’s sorrow in Alex’s voice when he talks about his father.

“I just miss him so much,” he tells a friend. “I usually don’t want people to know about my Dad.”

It’s easier for kids to hear such things from a Muppet than an adult, creators of the initiative noted.

“Coming from a Muppet, it’s almost another child telling their story to the children,” said Jeanette Betancourt, vice president of outreach and educational practices at the Sesame Workshop.

Alex will not be part of the regular cast on “Sesame Street,” but he’s playing a central role in the online tool kit.

Children of parents behind bars often feel sadness, shame and guilt about the situation, so they need to know they are loved and that the incarceration is not their fault, said Carol Burton, executive director of Centerforce, a non-profit dedicated to supporting families impacted by incarceration.

“There are several million children impacted by incarceration in this country,” Burton said. “No one is paying attention to them.”

The project and its unusual subject matter have garnered a lot of attention, with some observers calling it a sign of the times.

“Congratulations, America, on making it almost normal to have a parent in prison or jail,” wrote a columnist on


Probe of I-5 bridge collapse shifts underwater

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

By Seattle Party Bus Rentals

Work crews have begun removing debris from the collapse of the Interstate 5 bridge into the Skagit River, as workers Monday retrieved two vehicles, a travel trailer and some bridge beams.

The first priority for the crews will be to retrieve the items the National Transportation Safety Board — the agency investigating the collapse — wants to examine. Those include the two vehicles as well as certain pieces of the steel-truss bridge’s beams.

Of particular interest is beam “U4,” the second crossbeam in the southbound direction, which wound up underwater, NTSB Chairwoman Deborah Hersman has said.

The extraction must be slowly executed, to avoid damaging evidence. By 8:30 p.m. Monday, some of the downed beams were loaded onto a barge for NTSB’s examination, and an empty barge was moving into position, said Kris Olsen, a state Department of Transportation spokeswoman.

After the NTSB is satisfied, then the rest of the debris can be removed, making way for the building of a temporary span to replace the portion of the bridge that collapsed.

The temporary section could be in place, and the bridge open, by mid-June, state officials have said.

This week, the state will repair a second bridge span that also was damaged by the overheight truck load Thursday, said Harvey Coffman, state bridge-preservation engineer. One overhead beam will be replaced with a salvaged part from the wreckage, he said, while a new piece will replace a large vertical beam that’s badly bent.

Approximately 10 overhead crossbeams were hit by drilling equipment estimated at 15 feet, 9 inches tall, hauled by a truck destined for Vancouver, Wash. Hersman mentioned Saturday that a corner of the truck’s load appeared crumpled afterward, so it may have been knocked slightly lower after the first couple of hits.

Late Sunday, barges transporting cranes and excavators — which have mounted hydraulic shears to cut damaged beams, steel and concrete — began arriving at the collapsed span.

On Monday, crews removed from the river the pickup that an Oak Harbor couple had been driving, and the camper trailer it had been pulling. They also retrieved an orange compact SUV a Mount Vernon man had been driving.

All three drivers survived with minor injuries.

The NTSB wants to examine the pickup and SUV to help them reconstruct the sequence of events Thursday evening.

Part of the agency’s investigation also involves talking with the driver of the pilot car that preceded the truck.

Washington state requires trucks that exceed height restrictions use a lead pilot vehicle that has a height pole attached to it.

In this case, the driver of the pilot car was supposed to alert the truck driver by radio if there were any height issues along the way.

The State Patrol detained the pilot-car driver after the accident Thursday, interviewed her and took measurements of her Dodge Ram pickup, NTSB officials have said.

The NTSB has that information as well as the driver’s identity and has reached out to her, but as of Monday afternoon had not been able to schedule an interview or to examine the vehicle and measuring pole.

Some witnesses apparently had said they saw the pilot car’s pole wagging as it was crossing the bridge.

Hersman said some of the witness statements “will be conflicting” and that her team was still putting together the complete picture.

Monday afternoon, work crews were preparing to cut the pieces of the bridge beams the NTSB has specified it wants to see.

“The agency hasn’t given us the green light to start demolition,” said Chesson. “Until they say it’s done, we can’t go in there and go full-bore.”

In the meantime, the Transportation Department is taking advantage of the opportunity to do a thorough examination of the bridge. That includes looking for any collapse-related damage but also any other repairs that might be needed, such as fixing potholes.

“This is our opportunity to go over the bridge with a fine- tooth comb while there’s no traffic on it,” Chesson said.


Powerball Jackpot Swells to $600 Million With California’s Participation

Saturday, May 18th, 2013

Seattle Party Bus Rentals

As the countdown ticks on to tonight’s record Powerball drawing, the jackpot has swollen to $600 million, largely due to California’s participation in the game, lottery officials said.

In the one month since California joined the list of 42 states, the District of Columbia and the U.S. Virgin Islands in playing, Powerball fever has swept across the Golden State.

California, the country’s most populous state, has skyrocketed to the top three states in terms of ticket sales, alongside Florida and New York, according to lottery officials.

Read more: Seven States That Won’t Cash In on Powerball

“Once California joined the Powerball family, we helped change the dynamics to this game because of the mere size of the state and the number of players that we have,” a California lottery spokesperson told ABC News.

PHOTO: A sign at a store advertises the Powerball Lottery in Oklahoma City, Friday, May 17, 2013.
Sue Ogrocki/AP Photo
A sign at a store advertises the Powerball… View Full Size
Powerball Madness: More Than $600M Up for Grabs Watch Video

The size of the jackpot has created a frenzy that has also driven ticket sales, according to lottery officials. The previous record for a Powerball jackpot was $587.5 million on Nov. 28, 2012.

Tickets sold at a rate of 600,000 per hour in New York on Friday, New York lottery spokeswoman Carolyn Hapeman told

It’s expected they’ll continue to sell at such a rapid rate until the 10 p.m. ET cut-off time tonight. The winning numbers will be drawn at 10:50 p.m. ET, perhaps minting a few new millionaires.

However, if no one matches all five numbers plus the Powerball, the jackpot will continue to balloon.

Kelly Cripe, media director for the Texas Lottery, which is one of the states in the Powerball lottery, said the next drawing would be May 22 and estimated the pot would be at least an astonishing $925 million. The frenzy of such a massive jackpot would likely push it even closer to $1 billion.

The odds of winning the grand prize are one in 175,223,510, according to the Powerball website.

While tonight’s jackpot is a Powerball record, it’s not the biggest lottery jackpot in U.S. history. That honor belongs to the Mega Millions, which paid out a record $656 million on March 30, 2012.


Watch a crazed audience member attack Justin Bieber onstage

Monday, May 6th, 2013

Watch a crazed audience member attack Justin Bieber onstage

15 hrs ago

We’ve all joked about wanting to attack Justin Bieber, but it’s not so funny when someone actually does it. This intense footage shows an attacker rushing the stage and trying to hug Bieber/grope Bieber/avenge Bieber’s abandoned monkey during a performance of the song “Believe” at the Sevens Stadium in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, on Sunday night. Fortunately for Beeb’s legions of fans, security guards quickly subdued the attacker and the only one hurt in the incident was an innocent piano. To his credit, Bieber finished the song without pausing, then returned to the stage after a short break to perform two more hits. [Source]

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Oops! Woman accidentally swallows $5,000 diamond at charity event

Friday, April 26th, 2013

Seattle Party Bus Rentals

The idea behind the Tampa Women’s Club charity event was simple. For $20, you could buy a flute of champagne and a chance to win a one-carat, $5,000 diamond.

Organizers of the Saturday event placed $10 cubic zirconia stones in the bottom of 399 of the 400 champagne glasses. The prized diamond, donated by Continental Wholesale Diamonds, was placed in the last.

Read the original story on

The problem? Eighty-year-old Miriam Tucker accidentally swallowed it.

Tucker told local news media that she didn’t want to put her finger in the champagne, so she drank a bit. While laughing with women at the table, she realized she swallowed it.

Embarrassed, she had to tell jewelers who were frantically searching for the winner.

Already scheduled for a colonoscopy on Monday, she had a doctor recover the jewel.

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