Small Revelations

Small Revelations

by Party Pam

We all know that life is a journey of discovery. Not only of the world around us and the marvels it contains, but on a more intimate level, the journey of who we are as an entity. On a daily basis small things about ourselves are revealed. Think of Mike Tyson discovering he had a taste for ear. For most of us, this revelation comes within a very small private radius of ourselves and on occasion, within view of a limited clutch of our closest friends and family. In his case the moment of discovery was completely public. He was probably as surprised as his fans. Never having experienced a revelation in that venue, I have to wonder if it was similar to a group hug?

There are the other hints of who we are which seem to be in direct contrast to reality. Small moments which reveal a personality trait or gene which is clearly out of place.Like with Charlie Sheen accidentally shooting Kelly Preston. You just know he was dumbfounded to discover he really does have the common sense of a goat. Or then there is the revelation of, “Oh, of course, I get it. That’s who I am!”, very similar to Tom Cruise on Oprahs show. Now there is a prime example of a light coming on. Can’t you just hear Tom, “I’m not gay, I’m not, I’ m not, I’m not! (And you just know that the couch was squeaking with agreement!)” I wonder if Oprah some how was aware of his need for enlightenment?

And then there is the epiphany that when you finally face it, the burden of the denial being lifted is nothing short of breath taking. Remember when Kanye West realized that a mistake was being made at the 2009 MTV awards. As soon as he accepted his superior ability to recognize talent, he act immediately. Notice there was no thought of himself, only the clear and immediate call to action!

As for myself, my personal revelation that I actually am a Princess, who has been in denial my entire life. Clearly I love only the finer things because Im suppose to! And this definitely an epiphany worthy of a first class celebration.

I fully intend to gather together my subjects and celebrate on the Party Bus


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