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Party do’s and don’ts

Saturday, September 4th, 2010

Partying for Dummies

There are many do’s and dont’s to throwing a good party. There are many different types of parties, and in todays lesson, we are going to turn that boring, tame and unexciting house party into an awe-inspiring, memorable kick-ass rager!

Party Do’s

Do.  Make a theme. Bring back the days of side pony-tails, leg warmers and Miami Vice suits with an Awesome 80’s party!  A jungle theme party is another good one, a room full of people wearing leopard print skirts and zebra striped pants is a truly fantastic sight, and they make great pictures. My personal favorite is the wig party.

Do.  Have some great party music. Make a play list on your ipod or burn a cd. Put some fun songs on there that people can drunken-dance to. There is nothing worse than a quiet party. The goal is to get everyone at your party to start dancing,(crunk dancing would be even better) because if they are having a good time, you will be having a good time.

Do.   Have lots of party supplies on hand. This includes alcohol(lots and lots of it), food, plastic cups, napkins and cleaning supplies. The 3 most popular beers in America are Bud Lite, Coors Lite, and Miller Lite. You should always serve your guests the first drink and then after that let them help themselves.(If im at your party..Tequila!)

Party Don’ts

Dont.   Dont let people get too drunk, but since that rule is going to be broken right away here are a couple tips to help with any weird situations. 1. Have a couple of your friends be ready to back you up and escort any violent drunks right out the front door. You shouldn’t let one person who cant control their alcohol ruin a good party. 2. Dont let anyone drive home drunk, you can be held liable for any damages they cause while driving home.

Dont.   Dont freak out if someones spills their drink. Do a quick wipe-up and get back to having a good time. Its a party, theres going to be a mess.

Dont.   If one of your guests pukes on your carpet and then passes out in the middle of your floor, dont let your other guests write on their face with a magic marker, pour a bag of cooking flour on them or take off their clothes and leave them naked. Errrrrrr…wait.. You actually should do these things to said party goers.

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