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20 Creative Ways To Ask Someone Out {Prom, Dance, Date}

Saturday, April 6th, 2013

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Wondering how to ask someone out for Prom, Homecoming Dance, or just on a date night?  Well, I’ve hooked you up with 20 creative ways to ask someone out!  You can tweak these ideas for either a girl or guy and use your own style to pull off a memorable “prom-posal”.  {snicker}

How To Ask

How To Ask

1.  How To Ask to Prom Cookies ~ Oh my gosh how adorable are these “Will you go to Prom with me” cookies.  I just adore how all the answers are there as well.  {my fav!}

How To Ask A Girl Out

How To Ask A Girl Out

2.  When Pigs Fly ~ Fill a bunch of pink balloons with helium and draw pig faces on them. Put those balloons in a box and put a note on top of the box that says, “When will I ask you to prom?” and a note inside the box that says “When pigs fly!” Deliver the box!  {get it ~ they’re flying!  HA!}

Creative Ways To Ask A Girl To Prom

Creative Ways To Ask A Girl To Prom

3.  This is from the Disney movie “Prom”, how simple and elegant is this P.R.O.M. ? cut-outs on a lighted stage.

Ask Girl Out Using Sidewalk Chalk

4.  Ask Girl Out Using Sidewalk Chalk ~ What an cheap and unexpected way to ask a girl out on a date, using chalk.

5.  Make it Puzzling ~ Write your date night question onto any type of board and then cut it out into puzzle pieces.  When your date finds it, they can put it together and enjoy the surprise.

Creative Ways To Ask A Girl To Prom

6.  Ignite The Flame ~ Set out a bunch of candles that light up on her driveway that spell out “Prom” or “Homecoming”.

Creative Ways To Ask A Girl To Prom Tshirt
7.  Prom? Check Box T-shirt ~ Ok, only a certain type of guy could pull this one off, but I thought it was so hysterical I couldn’t resist showing it to you.

how to ask out

8.  Use a Sign and Some Friends ~ If you don’t want to do it alone, then grab some friends and meet her at her favorite hangout.

9.  Prom Please? Cupcakes ~ Simply have any bakery add a few letters on some cupcakes and you’re in business.

10.  Use Post-Its ~ Here’s another really easy way to ask someone out.  Simply write little notes on some post-its and place them on her wall in the shape of  heart.  Who doesn’t love some affirmations.

11.  Here’s another version of using signs to ask someone out.

ways to ask a girl to prom

12.  Hide in a Sea of Balloons ~ Do you see the chalkboard wall in the background with the words “Prom?”  Her future date is hiding inside the balloons to surprise her when she come in.

Ask Someone Out

13.  Ask in a Photo Collage ~ Photograph yourself with different words in all of your future-dates favorite places.  Then put it all together in a photo collage or hide it around her room.

night date

14.  Message in a Bottle ~ What a romantic way to ask a girl out on a date by putting the message in a bottle of sand.

ask on a date

15.  Here’s another “when pigs fly” version of asking someone out.  Package a few flying pigs into a box and hand it to her with a bunch of fabulous pink baloons.

Ways To Ask A Guy To Prom

how to ask someone out

16.  Free Printable Shoe Print ~  Cut out black foot prints and place a Hershey’s Kiss on each one.  Make a trail from the person’s driveway into their bedroom.  In their bedroom leave a big sign that says, “Now that I’ve kissed the ground you’ve walked on, will you go to Prom with me?”

Ways To Ask A Guy To Prom with food
17.  They say the way to a guys heart is FOOD ~ Here’s a yummy way to ask a guy to prom and get is attention.

ask prom pizza

18.  Prom Pizza! ~ I’m sure your local pizza joint would be happy to spell out anything you’d like using their pepperoni.

ways to ask a guy to prom

19.  Stalk His Ride Home ~ If there is a bridge or overpass that your soon-to-be-date routines drives under, you can hang a big sign under it.  Make sure you’re there waiting for him!

ask to prom

20.  Decorate his garage doors ~ This girl went all out using balloons, crepe paper, and some large letters.  Great job!

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A Prom Night Plan

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

I really liked this article, it was written by Julie Rosien and heres a link to the website…

A Prom Night Plan

Avoiding the Perils of Drunk Driving

Alcohol-related crashes kill more people ages 16 to 20 than any other age group. Nearly half of all fatal car accidents involve alcohol, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). When prom season rolls around, parents and school officials look for ways to drive home the idea that alcohol and cars don’t mix.

Teenagers, parents and teachers know the enemy. Whether they call it “Prom Safe Ride Home,” “Prom Promise” or “Lock-In,” it all adds up to the same thing: banding together to eliminate drunk driving. And the numbers show that it may be working. The NHTSA says that fatalities are dropping slowly – but they still have a long way to fall.

What’s turning the tide?

Prom Safe Ride Home

At Lake Washington High School in Seattle, Wash., parents and community volunteers meet at Overlake Hospital and wait for the calls to come in on prom night. Calling before 2 a.m. ensures a safe, free, non-judgmental ride home for teenagers in at-risk situations. This program is so successful for the community that organizers now provide it for all major school functions.

Not every kid reaches for the phone when a friend has the keys and is too intoxicated to drive. Groups like M.A.D.D. (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) and S.A.D.D. (Students Against Drunk Driving) go to schools to teach kids how to stay out of situations over which they have no control. Members give kids information and support to make the right choices when it comes to drinking and driving.


By far the most popular program across the country is the post-prom party that lasts all night. At North Little Rock High School (NLRHS) in North Little Rock, Ark., students pay $5 each for the post-prom party, which includes a T-shirt, all the food and drinks (non-alcoholic) they want and “play” money to buy prizes until dawn.

Linda Harper, guidance secretary at NLRHS, estimates that three-quarters of the seniors go to the post-prom party. “No one may leave and come back in,” she says. “It’s a firm rule.” The prizes at the end of the evening encourage everyone to stay for the whole party. The big prize is $500 cash, and one year they offered 20 cash prizes of $100 each. Organizers also draw names for microwaves, dorm refrigerators, televisions and stereos – things kids heading off to college always need. “Every year it gets bigger and better,” Harper says. “The students love it!”

After the all-night bash, parents invite the kids at NLRHS into their homes for a big breakfast. Because so many students participate, they influence each other and more get involved each year.

Paramount Canada’s Wonderland

Heather Bushwald graduated from Burford District High School in Ontario with great memories of an entire night spent at an amusement park. “We [student council] wanted to do something really different, and when Canada’s Wonderland started this program, we knew it was the one for us,” she says.

Bushwald’s high school is one of many that choose an alternative to the glitz and glamour of a formal prom. The night is open to all schools in Ontario. All kids must arrive and leave the park by bus. Check in time is 6 p.m., departure time is 5 a.m., and the park gates are locked at night.

The park is closed to the public, and many companies set up booths giving freebies to the kids. Karaoke, a live band and all-night rides add to the fun and excitement. The flat-rate entry fee supplies kids with food coupons to last the night.

The fact that organizers searched bags before entry didn’t bother most kids. “It made us feel safe knowing that no one could smuggle drugs or alcohol into the park,” Bushwald says. One classmate had prescription sleeping pills in her purse, and they were confiscated. “It’s no different than going to a concert,” she says. “You just don’t bring that kind of stuff.”

Staging a Mock Crash

Students at Glen Rock High School in Glen Rock, N.J., feel their mock demonstrations are successful with their peers. It’s real education before the big night.

A week before the prom, the staged accident involves a smashed car and students looking hurt or dead. Paramedics arrive and start cleaning up the bodies as students look on. Rescue workers bring out the body bags, and the reality of drinking and driving is instantly realized. Some kids scoff, believing it could never happen to them. But many take it seriously.

Catherine Nauccme’s kids thought the whole thing was hokey at first. “They heard the words of the drink and drive campaign, sloughed it off as ‘corny’ but the visual, thankfully, stayed with them,” she says. It’s just not cool to be bleeding on the hood of a crashed car.

Up to Mom and Dad

In areas where there is no organized effort to deter drinking and driving on prom night, parents may be required to tackle the issue themselves.

Barbara Mullins of North Little Rock, Ark., says her daughter’s school does nothing she’s aware of about the issue of drinking and driving. Mullins isn’t worried about her daughter as much as she’s worried about the other kids who may be drinking and driving. “We’ve invited her boyfriend [who lives across the state] to come for the weekend, and I’ll drive them or they’ll go with other kids in a rented limo,” she says. Mullins hopes there won’t be drinking, but fears there may be, so she involves herself and makes sure her daughter knows she is there for her.

Prom Night Tips

Talk to your kids about their “stay alive” plan. Get involved and offer to drive if they can’t decide on a designated driver.

Set a curfew or help organize a lock-in program.

Let the kids know they can call you at any hour for any reason. Better to call home than get in the car with a drunk driver, because they are afraid of waking Mom or Dad.

Consult Mothers Against Drunk Driving and Students Against Drunk Driving for advice on opening the communication between you and your children.


Prom Night

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

IF the title, “THS Investi gates: Prom Nightmares,” has you thinking “big fat, hot prom mess” with overweight girls bulging out of their too-tight prom dresses and boys in horrifyingly tasteless tuxedos, pimp hats and red shoes – may I suggest you find your kicks on the Internet.

Tonight’s episode of “THS” is not fun, and it’s not silly.

It’s the deadly business of kids who have been killed and maimed on prom night – and it ain’t pretty. But it is important.

In case you’ve been off ice road trucking in Alaska and missed it, the average American prom has morphed from a dress-up school dance to an out-of-control blow-out complete with its own industry that vies with Sweet 16 parties and bar mitzvahs as events so expensive parents take out second mortgages just to survive it.

Aside from the excess (some kids spend “between $30,000 and $40,000” on their prom “necessities,” the show says), the great American prom is increasingly becoming a deadly affair.

“Prom Nightmares” visits the families who lost kids in car accidents, who have committed suicide on prom night, died from bad drugs and even the story of one girl who fell four stories off a hotel balcony after an alcohol-induced blackout (and survived).

It is terrifying.

For starters, there’s the story of Jillian Sabet, a girl who was elected both prom queen and class president on the day of the prom – and who was killed on her way to the dance when the car she was traveling in flipped over. No drugs – but no seatbelts, either.

Cathy Isford died on prom night after doing Ecstasy. Thirty-seven other kids took Ecstasy that night, but only Cathy got sick and died from it.

Chris Davidson, a triple-threat athlete on the eve of being honored for his role in starting a lacrosse team in his school, hung himself with his belt in his after-prom hotel room. And his heartbroken father is still trying to figure it out.

One bit of advice: if you are planning on attending the prom or have kids who are going to one, please make them watch this show. It will scare them so straight, they’ll stay home and rent a movie instead.